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MISTRO is a manufacturer whose products demostrate a perfect union between design and quality.

Safe, robust, and pleasing in appearance, the MISTRO slicing machines are the cutting edge of high performance work tools.

Structurally solid, practical, and easy to clean, they do not require regular mantainance.

MISTRO offers a wide range of slicing machines for all possible uses, perfected to guarantee the operator total control and safety during their use.
MISTRO was originally founded as a machine shop in 1969, on rather small premises, but they embarked upon a constant expansion that has always kept them up with the times. For many years they have dedicated themselves exsclusively to the production of slicing machines, offering a range designed to meet their users' every need.

Product revision, design and development are essential, in order to continually meet the market's requirements. MISTRO is currently located in new premises wich cover more than 4000 square metres, with the most advanced equipement and machinery.

Their guiding principle in worldwide exports is a permanent commitment to customer service. The MISTRO slicing machines bearing the EC stamp are made with special aliminium alloys which have been anodised and polished so that they always remain shiny.

The slicing machines are vailable in a wide range of models, and on all of the the it is possible to add other options and adapt them to any of various demands of the world market. For the correct usage of slicing machines it is advised that it be used on a flat surface. Their compliance with the relevant laws is certificated in the declaration of EC conformity included in the instruction manual.

 MISTRO ALBERTO & C. snc Via Assisi, 30 21013 - GALLARATE (VA) ITALY - Phone +39.0331.77.61.48 Fax +39.0331.77.46.68

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